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Gearbox Tuning

Gearbox Tuning

DSG/ZF Gearbox Tuning

Is your transmission sluggish and slow to shift when you press the accelerator?


Unlock your vehicle’s full potential with transmission tuning, allowing faster, smoother gear changes and increased torque for a markedly improved driving experience. Gearbox Tuning offers several performance enhancements:

Faster, Smoother Shifts

The shift response time has been increased by up to 20%, enabling smoother transitions and reduced clutch slippage under hard acceleration. This decreases clutch wear and improves paddle response time by up to 40% in sport mode.

Increased Torque and RPM Limits for More Power

Through custom tuning, the DSG gearbox’s torque handling capacity has been raised from 350Nm to 550Nm without compromising mechanical stability. Now, both engine and transmission torque limits can be tuned to your specifications for perfect harmony. 

Launch Control for Quick Acceleration from a Stop

Launch control is activated to achieve flawless 0-100 acceleration, showcasing the vehicle’s performance, exciting the driver and passengers.

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