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Active Grille Shutter Removal

Active Grille Shutter Removal

Active Grille Shutter Removal

The Active Grille Shutter (AGS) system automatically opens and closes the shutters to optimize airflow and cooling. However, AGS failure is a common issue that triggers the check engine light in many vehicle makes and models.


Our AGS Removal Service offers a solution to malfunctions caused by this system. By safely coding out and disabling AGS, we can resolve actuator failure, mechanical issues, and calibration errors. Shutters binding together from obstructions and blowing the dedicated fuse are also fixed.


AGS repair is often expensive, exceeding £1000+, especially on German vehicles. Our service safely removes AGS functionality to turn off the check engine light and limp mode problems at a fraction of dealer repair costs.


Contact us today for an affordable quote to disable your faulty AGS system and restore proper engine performance. Our expert coding service is a cost-effective alternative to complex and expensive AGS repairs. 

Contact us today for a free quote and take advantage of our lifetime guarantee on all of our solutions.



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