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EGR Solutions

We Are Experts in Resolving DPF & EGR Related Issues!

Are you facing problems with your DPF Exhaust Filter? Is your vehicle stuck in LIMP MODE? Are you experiencing EGR PROBLEMS?

We, at Bolt Remaps, are a leading specialist in Diesel Particulate Filter Removal and ECU Tuning, and possess the expertise to make your vehicle feel like brand new. We provide a DPF Permanent Fix service for all Makes & Models, especially Commercial Vans and Vehicles. Please note that our services may or may not affect your MOT.


Avoid the expense of costly DPF repairs, which can range anywhere between £1750-£3000 and provide only temporary relief. Instead, opt for our QUICK TURNAROUND SERVICE and drop your vehicle off to us. We aim to complete the job within 24-48 hours. Our EXPERIENCED ENGINEERS AND MECHANICS, with over 10 years of experience, guarantee a LIFETIME GUARANTEE with no more DPF related faults or EML light.


Please note that our services are strictly by appointments only. For a FREE QUOTE, please contact us on WhatsApp. You can also contact us for ADBLUE REMOVAL.

DPF Fix Service

Please note that the DPF Fix service is available only as an on-site service unless you have already completed the DPF GUTTING/WELDING process at a garage beforehand.

What is a DPF?

DPF stands for diesel particulate filter. As the name suggests, it is a filter that is installed in the exhaust system to filter soot and other particulates from engine exhaust. The soot is stored in a compartment within the exhaust system until it fills up. The vehicle then starts what’s known as the regeneration cycle, which uses fuel to burn off the accumulated soot.


A clogged DPF can cause significant damage to your engine, especially if the regen cycle is not functioning correctly or is unable to cope with the amount of particulates produced. During the regeneration cycle, power and fuel economy are significantly reduced. Our services help you save money on costly engine/turbo replacements.


Contact us today for a free quote and take advantage of our lifetime guarantee on all of our solutions.



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