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Adblue Solutions

We Can Permanently Fix Your Adblue & Nox Problems!

Are you considering repairing your Adblue system?

Our Adblue & Nox Solution service offers a cost-effective solution to permanently fix your ongoing Adblue and Nox sensor issues.

We are the leading Adblue systems specialist in the UK.

Avoid Expensive Adblue System Repairs, Here is what we can do for you…

The Process…

Our AdBlue solution does not require any hardware changes. The system is safely reconfigured using an emulating device or editing the ECU software. The software blocks all the relevant sensors, making the vehicle believe that the SCR system is working.

Our Software Solutions does not have any adverse effect on your vehicle. Instead, it is precisely the opposite.

The process can be completed within 45 mins – 1 hour. You also don’t have to worry about your MOT test, as they have no way of testing AdBlue.

Clients Expectations…

We work on a NO FIX – NO FEE basis.


Free Vehicle Diagnostics and Checkup

We can diagnose your vehicle to establish the main reason why the Adblue system has failed in the first place. This may be handy to you if ever in the future you wish to reverse the process.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We offer this guarantee for your peace of mind. Our solution has no negative effects to any components of your vehicle. Our reviews over multiple platforms prove this.

Aftercare for all our Customers

We are always here to help and offer Lifetime Support on all of our solutions. Our friendly team of trained vehicle technicians are available via text or WhatsApp 7 Days a week.

Easy Flexible Booking

Simply Call/WhatsApp us or fill in the Adblue Quotation form above to get booked in. Same/Next Day Appointments are also available should you require it urgently.

We have provided some examples of RIP-OFF dealer quotes from our previous customers.

Audi Dealership Quote

Mercedes Dealership Quote

Average Dealer Part Prices... (March 2024)

Adblue Tank
Adblue Injector
Nox Sensors (2x)
£450+ each
Adblue Feed Lines/Wiring
Labour Coding


Fully Mobile Service UK wide and the work is usually done in under 90 mins or less

Comes with a Lifetime Guarantee and general support: Covers all ADBlue and NOX Sensor related faults

Fault is reversible and back to original settings

Fully Insured service for total peace of mind

Contact us today for a free quote and take advantage of our lifetime guarantee on all of our solutions.

We offer an Adblue Problem Removal Service for all manufacturers



Free Quote - Same day response via Whatsapp/Text

We do not share your details with any third party, only strictly for our use.


Team Members


Locations around the UK


Clients Satisfaction


AdBlue Problems Resolved...

How The SCR System Works

SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems are fitted to all modern diesel engine Cars and Vans from about 2014. Truck and tractor manufacturers starting implementing the system back as early as 2007 The aim of the system is to inject Adblue (Aqueous urea solution) made with 32.5% urea and 67.5% Ionised water directly into the vehicles exhaust system, this sprays directly onto the combustion fumes and reduces the amount of NOX (Nitrogen Oxide) within the engines emissions. While this system sounds all good unfortunately it is very susceptible to serious problems and is extremely difficult to diagnose once it has failed! This can lead to:

Very expensive repair costs

Engine limp home mode

Vehicle speed restriction

Non Engine starting situation

Adblue Warning Lights all over the dash

Disclaimer: This product/service is supplied for off-road use and for export purposes outside the European Union. Bolt Remaps take no responsibility for improper use of this service. Please read our Remapping Disclaimer.

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